Thursday, September 11, 2014

i gained weight and lose height

i gained weight and lose height. now how's that sound? strange. haha

i was trying to clean up the room, basically just arranging the books, and sorting out the files and documents when i found this!!!!

these are my medical checkup certificates. and hey, look at the dates!

on may 2012, my weight was 50.2 kg and my height was 154 cm.

and the latest one, on may 2014 (perhaps it's still the same now), my weight is 50.3 kg and my height is 153.4 cm!

and do you know what that means?!!! it means i have gained 100 gram in my weight and lose 0.6 cm in my height, IN TWO YEARS!!!

i didn't know whether this is a good news or not. but to know that you become shorter, kinda little bit scary. but anyway, the doctor said i'm just fine, the way i am now. but actually, i think i'm a little bit chubby. because i have gained like 5 kilos since i came to japan, although it stays the same until now. i was only 45 kilos back then when i was studying in UM! T_T

so if i get shorter by time, i should put down some weight too. kann~ simple mathematics. otherwise the BMI will rise. i'll go on diet during this final semester. oyeah, let's do this! let's put it in the final year 's resolution. (^^)/

p/s : 3 entries in less than 48hours? pardon me. i was just, i dont know, making use of my excessive energy for today. haha. i wrote this entry just before i go to sleep. good night yalls!

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