Monday, April 18, 2011

every problem has a solution

salam n hello.

this is sooo inspiring,share with you guys..

trust HIM. insyaAllah, every problem has a solution..

u can't just easily give up n let those problems harm you.

PRAY - the only thing that can solve your problem...

p/s : please pray that we can fly to japan soon (':

Friday, April 8, 2011

i'm POOH!!


being alone without nothing-to-do, i mean beside doing chores, stalking, blogging, snapping pictures, chatting, gossiping, shopping, eating, n sleeping... bring me to a new side of myself.


the kiddy side of nur fatihin!!

i was "google 'ing" for cute animation n icons, when suddenly this yellow,big, buncit appeared on my screen.


damn little cutie cutie mr pooh. why r u sooo cute? *jealous gila ]:
muka pooh ni mcm budak nakal bru lepas buli org pastu wat muka innocent, sambil buat mulut bulat -_-"

pooh buncit? who cares anyway...i love you the way you are..haha~ cam couple lak. -.-'

since saya jeles gila dgn kecomelan dia,lalu hati yg terlalu suci dan murni ini terasa ingin menumpang kecomelan incik pooh*sgt keji ..s0, i decided to be 'incik pooh' :D

the first thing to do is to put it as my profile picture in facebook.

gambar cute gila, s0 'status' pun kena cute la! lalalalallala~

lepas ni kalau dah bosan jadi incik pooh, nak jadi penguin ke, dinosaur pulak...hihi~

k bye!nak lari lelaju g minum ice lemon tea! =_="

20 is a big number!

salam. hello n hye!

lately, mmg sgt lazy.. no update for the past three days!haha. who cares anyway??

last Wednesday, went to 'Cawan Cafe'. mnyambut kelahiran sy yg ke 20. yess!!

D U A P U L U H.

no more '1' in front of my age!..ahh!STRESS.aging~ -_-"

suppose to celebrate my 20th birthday in Japan,but yeah, Allah knows best....we can plan, but HE decides it... (:

happy birthday to me!! haha

thank friends n families, for all the wishes!! ^_^