Tuesday, May 13, 2014


ignorance is a bliss. you know, some people believe that. 

but the fact is, it hurts more when you ignore. ignorance, and it's pitiful state. 

i read somewhere recently someone wrote her thought about it in the social network, 

"imagine how much happier you would be if you knew no evil. 
therefore, i believe that ignorance is bliss "

i dont know. i dont know. i just dont really agree with that.

because we are living together in this world, sharing all the things that God provides for us on the earth. we shouldn't be too selfish by keeping the happiness to our own.

reality, sometimes hurts. but still, i wanna know the truth. and learn to accept it. 

lets share the pain together. and lets share the happiness. happiness is not a "real happiness" when you have nobody to share it with right?

looking at this picture, i remembered that one year has passed. it was exactly one year when i made such a pretty lame, kiddo wishes when i was walking at the same flower park last spring. 
should have grown up by now, but still, i have the same wishes XD

picture taken 3weeks ago at michinoku, sendai. (:

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