Monday, August 12, 2013

little sister

I had always wanted a little sister when i was a kid. you know, coz i grew up as the youngest one, (i have two little brothers tho), i always thought that if i have one, my life would be erm different? maybe..

maybe if a had a little sister, i could share all my clothes and barbie stuffs with her, playing "masak2" together and talk about fashion and discuss about make-up and stuffs. sounds sooo cool! and sounds so "gedik" jugak btw. -_-"

tapi maaflah, mmg dah macam tu, dari kecik2 dulu memang masuk banyak sungguh pertandingan pakaian beragam ke, princess2 ke, menari2, pertandingan nyanyi ke bercerita, ke bersajak ke. apa2 je yang boleh naik stage, cik fatihin ni akan naik atas stage tu, sanggup, sbb boleh pakai cantik2.
and penah performed menyanyi kat shopping complex, kat radio, pastu berlakon teater. and haha, yg ni mesti ramai x percaya, i even joined "gimrama" for 6years, dari darjah 1 sampai form 1 because it's cool team, and boleh pakai cecantik pastu femes. LOL. x caya? boleh tanya mama, sbb mama yg support anak dia ni masuk semua benda tu..thank you mama! nanti balik mesia, i try cari gambar2 tu balik, haha XD

so i was thinking then, if i have a little sister, maybe, maybe la apa yg i buat time budak2 dulu, adik pon akan buat jugakk... i mean, it must be fun! ada geng, ada adik perempuan yg join and buat apa yg kita suka sama2! kann??? tapi, xpalah, we can't always choose what we want. ada adik lelaki pon boleh lah, layan jelah main bola dalam rumah sampai pecah pasu bunga. sebab tu la kot jadi kasar and x berapa nak sopan sekarang ni. -_-

mungkin kah jika ada adik perempuan, nur fatihin akan jadi lebih sopan santun? *harapan*

dah datang jepun ni, ada family angkat and dapat la sorang adik perempuan : ICHIKO. nama ichiko tapi panggil ICCHAN. bunyi sangat cute kan! well, she's soo damn cute! sesuai la dgn nama.


fefeeling hubungan macam adik and kakak, tapi hurm tapi, sendiri pon tahu, beza umur sebenarnya macam ibu dan anak. haha
icchan setahun, kak fin 22 tahun. well..age is just a number XD

walaupun di umur 20-an baru dapat adik perempuan, pastu xde la boleh share minat or buat banyak perkara sama2 memandangkan perbezaan umur yg sangat ketara, and she can't even speak yet.. tapi sayang sangat kat ichiko ni! ^_^

lol, happy nya dapat buat entry pasal little sister! thank you icchan! selamat hari raya kelima semua!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

eid ul fitri in japan

salam wbt.

so this is going to be my second year celebrating "eid ul fitri" in japan. alhamdulillah. one more experience as a student who study abroad, which going to make me more mature and independent, insyaAllah. towards becoming an adult! yoshha! XD

takaballahu minna wa minkum! may all our acts of worship during ramadhan will be accepted and benefits us in the hereafter, insyaAllah. (':

it's really sad to leave ramadhan, but i do excited for tomorrow's eid ul fitr. i mean who won't?

well, celebrating eid ul fitr is actually "a symbolic" as a victory for all muslims. it is a sunnah, to take a shower, wear good clothes and go for the "eid prayer". we are celebrating the fact that fasting and increasing our ibadah during ramadhan has helped us to become a better Muslim, to be in submission to Allah's will. so, yeah, we should celebrate it, but, in a proper way, please, in the way that Islam provides..

so basically, the plan for tomorrow is to wake up early, of course, wear my baju raya, and go to school. haha! -_-"

aiyoo~ my turn for presentation is going to start at 2.30pm, and i was thinking to go for eid prayer at Sendai mosque in the morning, but but but, i couldn't finish my slides by 4pm today, and my super handsome senior order me to come to the lab early morning tomorrow coz he's going to make the final check before the presentation. ahhhhhh! not lucky enough, huh?

but, it's okay. i'll stop complaining. for now. d:
yeah, because some things need some things to be sacrificed in order to gain some things, rite?*pening*

buat apa nak sedih2, kita ada skype, penghubung wajah keluarga2 tercinta walau di mana jua anda berada.

so, yeah, cucuh mercun kena Pakya, SELAMAT HARI RAYA ! wehuu!

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin. minta maaf, minta maaf, minta maaf sangat2 untuk semua salah dan silap, terkasar bahasa dan perlakuan yang tak menyenangkan...sorry (':

eh by the way, tudung atas ni beli kat daiso. cantik kan? d:
i was browsing around Daiso(100yen shop) to find a glue stick yesterday when i saw this flowery scarf! and i just thought that, hurm, i should buy something for my self to celebrate "hari raya". so, i pon belilah. XD

selamat hari raya dari nur fatihin yang berada di perantauan! hantar salam perantauan tapi x keluar2 pon, tamak sangat kot hantar sampai 3 paper, sekali x keluar satu pon, k fine. -.-"
salam perantauan dekat blog sendiri jelah. haha! selamat hari raya! (^_^)/

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


that one fine day when you unintentionally dressed up exactly the same color as the flowers. 
it was just a nice feeling (':
#nemophila #randompost 

i have a dream too. 
i want to go for a date to a place like here, full with flowers 
and treasure the beautiful scenery of Allah's creation with the person i love, one day. 
well, if Allah wills it ^_^

Sunday, August 4, 2013


salam wbt.

recently my life is getting back to normal, with a stable momentum of strength to be distributed equally for each day in a week. alhamdulillah. it's back to normal in the end of blessing month of ramadhan (':

just want to point out and have some small opinions about the topic i've mentioned above, PLAN and MAKE IT REAL.

do we really plan things out and make it happens? if we do, how often? 

well, i am the type of person who hates to plan but i do plan. 
okay, honestly i hate planning because for me, planning needs courage. by doing so, it means "you are making a promise and are responsible to work out for the plan that you set up" 

so, it's really hard to get me into any projects/events and sort of things without a proper plan. or should i say, i don't really deal with matters that don't have plan. 
because planning creates line between how important or not certain things, i won't easily voicing out opinions without having the plans in my mind.

have you ever heard the story about a group of mice who want to avoid a cat?
they were having a discussion when suddenly there's a mouse who proposes to put a bell on the cat, so as to be able to hear the cat coming. everybody thinks it was a great idea, but when it comes to "make it real", nobody's intend to do it. idea without plan is just a waste. and a plan is also a waste if we don't start to work on it.

there might be some people who don't agree with me, some people who think that we have to voice out our opinion, no matter what it is, despite the possibility of making it happens. well it's okay, it's totally fine with me. because i do celebrate differences. (:

well, just so you know that i do celebrate differences, and eventually took part in some of unplanned things of yours, im hoping the same, vice versa. you should celebrate differences too and not be mad at me just because i asked, "what is your plan?"(:



one of the characteristics(muwasafat tarbiyah) that an individual muslim should have > ORGANIZED WORKS. which also gives the meaning of "plan and make it real". 


Saturday, August 3, 2013

me, dinosaur and presentation

"To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail"


third year mid-term, research paper presentation, I'll give my best, insyaAllah! (:

looking at this picture, i remember that i used to own a set of dinosaur toys when i was a kid. ganas kan? hihi~ barbie n all those girlish stuff pon main jugak. ada set masak2 barbie, set bilik tidur, and barbie rapunzel rasanya..haha! kids.

 tapi rasanya kecik2 dulu im more interested with legos and blocks kalau main indoor la. kalau petang2 mama bagi main dekat luar, suka sangat main "rounders". you know rounders? macam baseball. "macam" laaa..hihi~ mmg akan scout habis semua jiran2 and ajak main sekali.. alamak, rindunyaa (':