Thursday, September 11, 2014

i gained weight and lose height

i gained weight and lose height. now how's that sound? strange. haha

i was trying to clean up the room, basically just arranging the books, and sorting out the files and documents when i found this!!!!

these are my medical checkup certificates. and hey, look at the dates!

on may 2012, my weight was 50.2 kg and my height was 154 cm.

and the latest one, on may 2014 (perhaps it's still the same now), my weight is 50.3 kg and my height is 153.4 cm!

and do you know what that means?!!! it means i have gained 100 gram in my weight and lose 0.6 cm in my height, IN TWO YEARS!!!

i didn't know whether this is a good news or not. but to know that you become shorter, kinda little bit scary. but anyway, the doctor said i'm just fine, the way i am now. but actually, i think i'm a little bit chubby. because i have gained like 5 kilos since i came to japan, although it stays the same until now. i was only 45 kilos back then when i was studying in UM! T_T

so if i get shorter by time, i should put down some weight too. kann~ simple mathematics. otherwise the BMI will rise. i'll go on diet during this final semester. oyeah, let's do this! let's put it in the final year 's resolution. (^^)/

p/s : 3 entries in less than 48hours? pardon me. i was just, i dont know, making use of my excessive energy for today. haha. i wrote this entry just before i go to sleep. good night yalls!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

true love.

salam wbt. hye!

that day i watched maleficent while doing the laundry. memang akan pasang movie kalau nak settle laundry, segala sidai baju, lipat baju dan iron baju, kalau tak hati x senang sebab kena fokus pada satu benda. paling2 kurang kalau xdak movie, mesti nak sambil dengar lagu ke memasak ke. multitasker sangat kan. semoga kalau dah kawin and ada anak nanti, akan terus jadi super multitasker mummy. amin. ^^

okay, back to the topic. maleficent (nama orang taw. lakonan mantap si cantik angelina jolie). basically cerita dia pasal si maleficent ni, dia bukan manusia, dia macam ada kuasa sikit pastu ada sayap and penjaga hutan. lepas tu dia macam jatuh cinta dengan sorang lelaki manusia ni lepas tu lelaki tu tipu dia and ambik sayap dia bagi dekat raja dengan harapan dapat ganjaran dari raja. (jahat kan! gerrrram taw).

lepas tu si maleficent ni pon jadi marah and berubah jadi pendendam. and one day lelaki jahat tu dah kahwin and dapat anak. maleficent ni pergi and curse anak lelaki jahat tu. dia kata bila baby girl tu dah umur 16, dia akan tercucuk jarum mesin jahit lepas tu tidur selama-lamanya. lepas tu lelaki jahat tu merayu la, then maleficent cakap, alright curse tu akan terbatal kalau ada true love kiss.

pastu, eh panjang la pulak cerita. baby girl tu ayah dia hantar untuk dibesarkan kat hutan sebab takut terkena jarum mesin jahit. and kat hutan tu baby girl tu membesar and selalu la terjumpa maleficent. and main-main dengan maleficent. maleficent ni jadi sayang kat aurora (nama baby girl tu), pastu menyesal and cuba cancel kan curse tu, tapi x boleh. pembantu dia suggest suruh ambik sorang lelaki ni yang macam nampak suka kat aurora, and nanti kalau aurora dah kena curse, suruh lelaki tu kiss dia.

and i teringat la maleficent ni cakap ceni,

"don't be stupid, there's no such thing as TRUE LOVE. that's why i cursed her that way"

kesian maleficent, sebab dia terus x percaya dah yang true love tu exist. haih, semua pasal lelaki jahat tu. then entah macam mana, si aurora ni pergi bandar time umur 16 tahun birthday dia and terkena jarum mesin jahit tu and tidur selama-lamanya. si maleficent pon bawak lelaki yang macam suka kat aurora tu and suruh kiss tapi x berjaya (nampak sangat bukan true love. haha d:)

maleficent sedih sangat and dia pergi usap kepala aurora and nangis. dia cakap, apa yang dia buat tu adalah perkara paling kejam sebab dendam dia dah terainaya aurora yang xde salah pon. dia make a promise that aurora will face no harm as long as she is alive. and maleficent kiss dahi aurora. anddddd, aurora pon terjaga.


it just like mine! i love these girls to bits!

actually true love does not only happen between a woman and a guy, or between families only. kan! mostly people think that way, padahal boleh je jadi sesama housemate, sesama usrahmate, sesama classmate. as long as we are sincere with the relationship, sayang each other kerana Allah. so that is true love. dan Allah janji yang mereka yang berkasih sayang kerana Allah tu akan akan Allah bagi perlindungan pada meraka di hari akhirat kelak (':

hihi. i just love the message from the movie! tengoklaaa! macam mana i excited gila tengok ending cerita frozen, that's how excited i am when watching maleficent. haha. sebab entahlah, bukannya x setuju buat fairy tales love story between prince and princess, tapi mungkin sebab bila buat cerita pasal love between siblings and love between friends (maleficent dgn aurora) tu kan, rasa lebih dekat dengan diri, so rasa excited. perhaps when i get married one day i'll be excited to watch love story movie between a guy and a woman. haha. i dont know. i tengok mama abah excited betul tengok drama melayu rinduawak200%. setiap hari excited balik rumah nak tengok and time i balik malaysia sat haritu sampai berebut remote tv. serius x faham -_-" sebab i rasa boring tengok cerita tu, time tu i nak tengok cerita leverage kat axn tapi x berjaya. you know, kuasa veto parents. so mungkin bila dah kawin nanti, i'll excitedly watch that genre of drama/movie together with le hubby just like my parents now. who knows, people change d:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

fatihin in malaysia. and fatihin in japan.

salam wbt! hye! fatihin is back. it has been like months! oh my God, im such a bad blogger. -.-"

alhamdulillah. praise to God for still giving His blessings to let us live in this world. 
so how are you? me. i just came back from a short summer break in malaysia. and yes i am back in japan!.. and now, counting months to G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E from engineering school!!! insyaAllah. 

i realized something really interesting about my daily style when i was transferring all the pictures that i took during a month of my summer break in my hometown because yeah, because there aren't enough space (you know a girl who take like 200 shots a week, 32G of phone memory won't be enough obviously).

all the pictures of myself in malaysia is really bright and colorful. but, in japan, it's otherwise.. mostly i look like budak sekolah menengah duduk asrama, hujung minggu pon kena bangun awai pagi, x mandi terus pergi prep. serabut punya style -_-

fatihin in malaysia. 
you know i always dress up having a princess feeling before going out somewhere, even to kedai runcit just to buy my favorite tropicana ice cream. i love skirts, long skirt. mom said it looks good on me. ^^

fatihin's outfit in japan. 
this was during matsushima island visit. but basically this is the same outfit that i usually wear to laboratory. simple jeans + shirts + shawl. malas2 sangat, hari yang malas betul tu, i'll just go with uniqlo pants and cardigans. you dont wanna see me on my lazy day. trust me. so plain. =.=

perhaps the lab work has influenced me a lot on the way i dress up. you know, you can't wear your favorite wavy, flare chiffon skirt or styling your scarf loose messy "hana tajima" way when you have a big turbine machine in your laboratory that will evilly suck everything flowy and flare. i dont wanna die for being a hijabista. gituuu. haha. safety first girl! safety first! 

and in japan, i think there are not much colors of outfit to choose for. or, maybe the japanese don't really wear bright colors so the shops decided to cut all colors and sell only dull brown, black, blue and pastel color. haha. okay joking d: but seriously, it's really hard to find a shocking pink blouse or emerald green skirt like we used to see girls donning it everywhere in malaysia. 

and i once asked few of my japanese friends to describe malaysian in one word, and most of them said "COLORFUL". hahahaha. actually, on that day, i wore pink blouse with turquoise jacket, paired with jeans, shocking pink sneakers and flowery scarf XD  

okay that's all, short update. nothing interesting. i'll write again later. i love blogging. i really do. it just that, it's all about time you know. *alasan* haha. bye! good day everyone! ^^

p/s : was thinking to make a big transformation to this blog. new templates and writing topics perhaps? so it would be more organized. hahaha < kata xdak masa. takpa, angan2 ja dulu d: