Saturday, December 21, 2013

my winter story

salam wbt.

my favorite season - winter is coming!! yeahhh!! actually all seasons are my favorite season, so please, bear with me, coz im gonna say "my favorite season to all seasons". XD

snow already fall last week, and stop suddenly, don't ask me why. it has been a rainy day this last few days, and i am now in the second day of my winter break! HOLIDAYYY!

i hope my body condition can behave well this year. coz i couldn't enjoy last year 's winter due to high fever and was nearly been told to be admitted to the hospital. phew, because that time i was away about 600 kilometers from my sweet home in sendai. and i was so depressed and really desperate to cool down the fever in less than 2 days, so that i can go back to sendai. ouh i don't want to remember that. high fever is just tooo scary.

coz i've experienced the worst. the first time i went home, in february 2012, the temperature in japan was around 0 degree celcius, and when i touched down in malaysia, it was about 30degree or something, it was toooo much differences. i got headache, caught flu and sore throat, and my body became very weak, 3 times mama brought me to the medical center and nothing got any better. and i fainted, my body temperature raised to 40degree that time, then i was admitted to kedah medical center. 6 days in the hospital! it was a horrible moment. i couldn't eat any medicine anymore, and was really weak to even speak or eat. T_T after 6 days, i asked permission from dr.razman(the doctor who incharge of me) to let me to go home, coz i wanna catch my flight the day after tomorrow, but he didn't allow me to do so. being a stubborn like always, i told mama that "i wanna go back to japan", and finally dr razman gave up upon my determination. -_-"

after discharged, mama brought me to the shopping complex for a while to buy stuffs for me to bring back to japan, and yeah, i fainted again. and that time, i was thinking like im gonna die. and i cried after that and also blaming myself for not listening to dr. razman's advice. but somehow, the day after that, i felt much better and managed to catch the flight and safely arrived in japan. of course with the help of my friends, "cool fever", "koyok", and soooo many medicines. haha.

so, now, today, it's going to be my third winter in japan. and im still working hard to make sure that i can survive this year's winter in a good health. already caught flu and sore throat last saturday, and it has been like 8 days now, i don't know when it's going to get better, already went to the hospital, but i did feel much better than last saturday alhamdulillah, so insyaAllah soon.

since i don't have any memory about last year's winter, im really looking forward for this year 's!!
imma so excited to play with the snow!! yeahhhhhh!!!!

this is the memory on 2011. the first time in my life i touched and felt the snow, it was really soft and fluffy and white, and creamy, and pure and clean and ahhhhhhh I LOVE IT! couldn't help it. i played with the snow very much as if nobody's around and all the snow was mine. despite my attire which was not-very-suitable, i wore a long cotton dress actually, and yeah just look what happened, i threw myself into the snow, and got all wet after done playing. haha! it was really fun! huwaaaaa!!

ignore the childish act. i was just too excited. 

this year im gonna play snowboard too! like in 2011! it is a hard and extreme sport, but it's fun!
pray that nobody's gonna get injured this year. and after this winter break, we're gonna get serious with all the exams and reports. PROMISE! heee~ (: