Sunday, August 4, 2013


salam wbt.

recently my life is getting back to normal, with a stable momentum of strength to be distributed equally for each day in a week. alhamdulillah. it's back to normal in the end of blessing month of ramadhan (':

just want to point out and have some small opinions about the topic i've mentioned above, PLAN and MAKE IT REAL.

do we really plan things out and make it happens? if we do, how often? 

well, i am the type of person who hates to plan but i do plan. 
okay, honestly i hate planning because for me, planning needs courage. by doing so, it means "you are making a promise and are responsible to work out for the plan that you set up" 

so, it's really hard to get me into any projects/events and sort of things without a proper plan. or should i say, i don't really deal with matters that don't have plan. 
because planning creates line between how important or not certain things, i won't easily voicing out opinions without having the plans in my mind.

have you ever heard the story about a group of mice who want to avoid a cat?
they were having a discussion when suddenly there's a mouse who proposes to put a bell on the cat, so as to be able to hear the cat coming. everybody thinks it was a great idea, but when it comes to "make it real", nobody's intend to do it. idea without plan is just a waste. and a plan is also a waste if we don't start to work on it.

there might be some people who don't agree with me, some people who think that we have to voice out our opinion, no matter what it is, despite the possibility of making it happens. well it's okay, it's totally fine with me. because i do celebrate differences. (:

well, just so you know that i do celebrate differences, and eventually took part in some of unplanned things of yours, im hoping the same, vice versa. you should celebrate differences too and not be mad at me just because i asked, "what is your plan?"(:



one of the characteristics(muwasafat tarbiyah) that an individual muslim should have > ORGANIZED WORKS. which also gives the meaning of "plan and make it real". 


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