Tuesday, February 5, 2013

daddy's little girl (:

salam wbt.

happy tuesday! today i don't have any exam. but still have two papers to face though! yosshaa! and i feel like writing.

daddy's little girl. haha. you know, when i was skyping with my parents last sunday, i told mama about my bff's plans about getting married this april inshaAllah. (mama knows that she's engaged though). and that's actually the 'mukadimah'(introduction) to start a conversation about marriage at an early age. d:

and me and mama were talking about, yah you know, the normal conversation between mom and daughter..how's her fiancee looks like, what he do, where he study, how they met and everything. and mama said she will always pray for my friend's happiness (':

the conversation is getting serious, when abah suddenly interrupt..i knew he was listening all the time. yes, he was!. he always like dat, acting like he didn't care about what me and mama is talking about, but in fact he did. haha. XD

"so, fatin xdak kawan dgn sapa2 lagi ka?"(so, what about you?, dont you have any boyfriend?)  jeng3.  

being asked with this kind of question very frequent, so i'm pretty confident to answer it though, and i have prepare sort of scheme on how to answer/deal with that kind of question. of course you have to be prepared! when you're 20++ and you have no boyfriend, and have no sign of interest to anybody, when you go home where you met all your cousins(especially the one with same age as you and already married!), aunties and uncles will look at you with curious face and asked something like this,

"haaa, kamu tu bila lagi?"(when is your turn?), "bila nak kenalkan dekat pakcik?"(when are you goin to introduce him to me?), "tuh dekat facebook tu sapa? boyfriend?"(who's that in the facebook? your boyfriend?) bla bla...

you will be shocked to know how many stalkers are there in my big families. well, welcome to the world of internet where everyone can be a stalker. d:

and if i made that 'muka blur + malas nak layan' face, the question will be proceeded to mama,
 "tuhh, dia dok ada kawan dengan sapa2 ka dak?"
 (she has any boyfriend or not?) pulak -_-"

but, it's not that i'm getting annoyed or what.  in fact, it's fun. it makes me realize that there are sooo many people who cares about me. (:

so when abah asked me that question, i was like ' this is the time fin! go and ask! ask ask!ask him', i shout to myself d:

well, what do you think i wanted to ask....?

haha. i know you guys can't wait for me to finish my sentence. asking to get married? haha. no no, sorry to disappoint you. d:

i just want to ask abah's opinion about getting married at an early age, but i couldn't make it into words. so, i returned abah's question, with question.

"kalau fatin nak kawin jugak, okay? nak kawin time belajar ni. abah okay?mama okay?"
 (what if, i want to get married too? in the near future? are you both cool with that?)

mama was first to response,
"mama okay, mama x kisah kalau dah jodoh anak2 mama dah sampai, mama terima ja macam mana pon" (': (i'm cool with it)

and abah like always, trying to act cool and calm but this time, he failed. ahaha. and he kept silent for a while before answered with this,
"belajarlah dulu...belajar, pastu kerja dulu.." (learn/study first..., and then work..)

and the simple answer from abah really touched my heart. hurm you know.... i know he gave me that answer because he was shocked and does not expect that question will come from my mouth, maybe.

being the youngest girl(i have two younger brothers) in the family, i was pampered with lotssss of love. and i know that my abah is not ready to hear any serious matter from me yet.
of course la, i am not confident with my own self too. you know when i fall sick last spring break, and was admitted to the hospital, i lost appetite for few days and refuse to eat anything except KFC zinger burger MENGADA NGADA, abah came immediately after his meeting and brought along with him, my zinger burger. (':

so, what i was trying to tell is, i'm not mature yet. and abah knows that. haha. how can you say you are mature enough to get married when you are still crying for zinger burger when you fall sick? d: *sedar diri* and there's much more stories about me being immature, and of course mama and abah know me well. i am still mummy and daddy's little girl XD

so, the answer from abah, "belajar..belajar", really gave a deep meaning for me. to learn. learning is a process, process for anything. not only about that 'study' to pass the exams. to become an adult is also a process of learning. and as for me, what makes an adult, an adult is when they get married. because to accept someone, fully accept someone in your life, and entering your whole journey of life with that 'someone' is seriously a big matter. and a big matter only can be done by an adult. yang x kawin sampai tua tu, itu lain cerita. i mean, for me, what makes a line between a teenager and an adult is the marriage. do you get what i mean? -_- aiyoo, for example, my cousin, same age as me, is an adult, because she's already married. but me? im still a teenager, because i'm not married yet XD
That's one of my childish thought. but who cares anyway, i will still think that way.

early marriage has become a trend in malaysia. it's good tho to reduce social problems, and yeah, as we all know islam encourages early marriage. but, the definition of 'early' itself is actually varies, maybe according to country? i don't know. in japan they said that it's too early to get married at the age of 28, but heyyyy you know how malaysians views about this right? a 30++ malaysian woman's parents will start to panic and sweating all over if their daughter is not married yet. hiperbola. d:
but, uhh again, i don't care about the definition of early. i just care about the marriage that is consider as early. that's all.

well, as for me early marriage have good and bad sides. well everything have good and bad sides tho. it depends on how people view it. if you think early marriage are good for you, then get married, if not, wait until you get a good view about it. the question is, how to know whether you are ready or not to get married? simply ask your parents about it. just like what i did. d:

so erm, if you are having the early marriage fever, have confidence with your own self, capable to become husband/wife, then just proceed with your intention..inshaAllah, He will help you...
may Allah bless the good intention of you (:
and also, barakillah to my dear bestfriend, the first to get married among seven of us.

well then, that's all. just a small thought of me about the early marriage. the title of this post seems not right btw. i talk about marriage a lot than the daddy's little girl thing. haha. that's the trick guys. if you are shy to talk about marriage but still want to talk about it, DON'T PUT THE WORD MARRIAGE AS THE TITLE d:

ah btw, that question, i just want to know my parents' opinions, not that i'm getting married in the near future. don't get me wrong. sat lagi dok dapat ucapan tahniah pulak. -_-"

back to study. please pray for us! good day everyone!

letak gambar ni lah supaya kena dengan title d:

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