Friday, October 28, 2011

congratulations dear sister!


this is a special post. 

this is my sister with mama, on her big day. big day, yeah. her second big day. coz she's already graduated from uitm shah alam for her first degree. and this time was the convocation for her second degree. second degree. whatttt??? second degree??? 

while im still here struggling all the way like crazy, making a move for my first degree, she's already owned 2 degrees! and now still studying for a diploma while working at the age of 22! two degrees and a diploma! wowww! this is super cool and awesome!! 

okay fine. congratulations dear sister. im happy for you. seriously. i am so proud of you.and i am very sure that abah,mama abang chik and rem also super proud of you. yayyyy!!!

may Allah bless you always and yes, pray for my turn too ;D


Zinedine Zaiddin said...

2 degree, 1 diploma? humang aih =O="

Z A F said...

best nye~
bile la kite nk grad ni kn ?

nur fatihin said...

x sabarnyaaa nak grad jugak. >_<

♥ MRS ZACKS ♥ said...

wahhh hebatla ur sis ! :))