Saturday, June 18, 2011

me and my sis


hurm,tadi skype dgn mama. she told me that my sis(bachelor of law from uitm) had found a job. as a lawyer la kowt somewhere in kl. i don't know. something like doing chambering or ape tah. okay, who cares about that anyway.

the main point here is , yeah, my sis found a job. and im glad to hear that, n sooo happy for you.

it seems awkward to say just a few sentence above since me and my sis are not close. yes, coz i don't even know my sis's number even when im in malaysia. apatah lagi bila dah jauh ceni kan.

and she never wish my birthday for the past 4 years. owh yes, she is!but, it's okayy. it doesn't mean that i will revenge her back by pretending that i forgot her birthday. haha. thought that our birthday is in the same month,how could i forgot?but, how could she forgot??aha, nevermind. owh, btw, im good in remembering dates! ^_^

and also,we always fought for almost everything, and she did hurt me with her harsh word.
being immature,and the most hurtful thing is that when she said 'you are the golden child of the family' to me.yeah, it sounds funny, but it deep hurting.

i don't know which part that makes it all wrong. that we can't get any closer.

but anyway, im writing this post just because i realize
that, time is moving, and we both get older. i dont remember the last time we had a chat actually.

hurm, yup.even we don't talk much,we still have the sister's bonding and we have the same mummy and daddy.and you are my sister.

s0, best of luck in your future!the journey is long more to go.
Don't forget Allah.and enjoy yourself for me not being together with mama and abah for this 4 years. that i can no longer being the golden child of the family as you think.

that's all..bye!

"you don't choose your family.They are God's gift to you, as you are to them"
-Desmond Tutu


Zinedine Zaiddin said...

Bkn main seksi lagi kecik2 dlu noo :P

Syaros said...

pergh..sedey gile relationship ko ngan akak kalo korg bahagia mcm 2 nak bwat cmne en~

Iskandar Shah said...

jarak umo akak ko ngn ko bape tahun?

atien said...

zaiddinn : ah well~seksi kann..ahahahaha

atien said...

sya, sedih ke...tak sgt dah kot...dah biasa...(:

atien said...

iskandar : 2 tahun jee...tahun ni 22..tapi, die lompat kelas kan pastu ikut fast track punye degree program, so dah graduate n keje lah..^_^

Hanis MY said...

seriusly tak suka ur sis? kalau get along very well sure kamcing and u guys can share evrything... apapun all d best to both of u k...