Thursday, October 6, 2011

why find when it is already written?

ever face this kind of situation?

One Sided

you dont praise people darlings...

if someone does not want you in their life, you dont force yourself to force them to put you in their life!

if someone leave you because you become a better person, then let he/she be..they are not worth to be in your life at all...

did you know that God has created specific person to be our family, friends and one day, specific person to be our spouse?

it all has been written at Luh Mahfuz before our birth! 

then why are you guys so like worrying when you lose someone in your life? 

and to those with broken heart, shouting all over at the facebook about your love story...from married to unmarried -.-' 

just to share a quote from a close friend to be consider about....

"why find when it is already written?" 
-quoted from close friend-

love from human beings will never be enough. 

"God is sufficient for me" 

one by one, ten by ten...even if more and more people leave me on the same reason, i wont turn back. that's my word.  


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alyamohsin said...

ok..ak xkan cari dah sbb "why find when it is already written?"
*mcmlah selama ni sibuk mencari*hehe
jazakillah khairan tien^^