Thursday, August 25, 2011

a story about my mummy


Memandangkan saya tidak mengantuk, what if..what if,what if, what if i make an entry for my mummy, tonight too!! ^^ yeehaaaa!!!

this is my mummy, i call her 'mama'....its only me and my sister who call my mummy 'mama' coz my two younger brothers call her 'mummy'...dont ask me why coz i don't know why -.-'

my mummy is very fashionable...always trying this outfit and that,not afraid with colors, always up-to-date, have matching handbags and everything.

i LOVE shopping with mama, coz i love shopping, mama loves shopping too. so, we both love shopping. s0 we can walk together for hours at shopping complex and done our shopping! oyeah!! d:

mama and sis ;D

and mama really understand me.teenagers feeling, style, life and everything. pendek kata, i can trust mama everything including fashion. ;D

the Girls during hari raya 2010 ^^

owh yeah.. and mama is very sportinggg...never ever and ever she complain about being a driver everyday to send me to school, or to just go out hanging with friends.not a single word of complaining!....mama always there. ALWAYS. always there to help me, support me. (':

on the day to send me off to japan (':

and yes. my mummy also very generous like my daddy!! x pernah kedekut to spend money to her little girl...selalu offer 'nak ni ke? nak tu dak?'...being a good child like always, i akan jawab...'takpelah mama, no thank'...hehehe...seee~ nampak tak betapa baiknya i d: #joking

and since my mama own a facebook, she always poke me. ;D

sweet couple ever \(^.^)/

and mama is very friendly too~ she can easily get close with all my besties! ^^v yeahhh~ coz my besties can go to my house even if im not there,far away from home. -.-' #jealous

owh ya, mama is very beautiful, very fair skin...not like me.hitam ikut ayah ;D

hahaha.k lah, that's all.. i love you mamaaa!!!! muahxxxx!!


saya_arief said...

muda lagi mama kamu..
main poke2 lagi..
sweet gitu..

nur fatihin said...

thank you arief ^^

Zinedine Zaiddin said...

Dia poke2 tu nak ingatkan kt fin-chan supaya ingat kt dia selalu :P

send my regards to ur mom :)

Hanis MY said...

lovelynya mama fin ni... u got her beauty la dear... sgt2 sporting ok, nanti akak nk jadi mama yg sporting mcm nilah eh teiba lak haha

p/s: yer2 je gambar wish raya tu hopefully dia nk bergambar or else akak cari fin tuk posing2 haha..

~ pEJuAnG CiNtA ~ said...

sweet nyer.. serius..
lebih sweet dari men poke2 ngan couple.. =)

nur fatihin said...

kak hanis,hehehe~ aish dah tergerak hati nak jadi mama ye...saya tumpang happy ;D

@pejuang cinta : (: