Monday, May 27, 2013

Penyakit bulan lima.

salam wbt.

do you ever feel depressed, down, not in a good mood, for things you can't make it into words? and the thing continuously attacked you for few weeks. and you reached the "genkai" (limitation) of it, and suddenly cry for no reason. have you ever faced this kind of situation?

some of my friends said i suffered this disease called "五月病" = PENYAKIT BULAN LIMA.
they said that it's common for people to get stressed like crazy, super lazy, more sensitive and sometimes laugh for no reason during may. WHYYYYY? (yeah i did suffer the stress and lazy part, but hey, xdakla sampai sensitif nak merajuk2 bagai or gelak sorang2) -_-"

but WHYYY??? why it has to be MAY?? why not AUGUST? or SEPTEMBER please.

okay fine. we're not going to question more about that. because i think i knew the answer but i just don't bear to admit it. haiah~

i can lie that im good, im cool, im happy, but my body can't. seriously, kalau x xkan la suddenly dah dapat penyakit sakit pinggang(tua sangat ke i ni? T_T), sakit kepala, letih melampau, late period, emo selalu and macam2 lagi lah. and i failed to send my engineering drawing assignment on time, for the first time! tho that im a student of technical school before, i have lotsa advantages compared to the other japanese student, so when this happened it's kinda made me feel down, sad. and guess what, i also did one terrible thing which is i cancelled all my "baito" (part-time job) for no reason since last few weeks. but i accepted one last friday because yeah he insisted.

i even wrote this to myself(notes which i got during leadership workshop, i wrote it again and again) during classes this morning just to motivate and cheer me up. crazy isn't it?
i just totally out of idea on how to bring the spirit back. haha.

maybe writing could help me, you know, at least 1-2% to reduce my stressness(is there such word?). im going to sleep after this, and wake up with a new hope, insyaAllah.
if this is what so-called as "五月病", it's fine!! today is 27of May incase you forgot. so it's going to be 4 more days to go, and im gonna get my life back! okay! yossha!

life as a third year student is really killing me. seriously.
fin no longer has a life.

sincerely, fin. -_-"

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Budak Comeyh said...

tien.. gambatte kudesai (btol x)..