Friday, November 15, 2013


tired of wasting my time, trying to put someone very important in my life, but end up with no happing ending. like seriously, im getting depressed about it.

since i've been introduced to tarbiyah, i think i got it very clear on WHY we have to create a good relationship with all muslims. good relationship, i mean a real good one. love each other for the sake of Allah. excepting the varies that Allah purposely created for each one of us.

coz it's written in the Quran. Muslim are nothing but BROTHERS.

after knowing about that, how come some people can be too selfish? counting the blessings and happiness of their own friends, forgetting to appreciate what they get for them self. and yet, comparing their life with others and be sad upon others happiness. 

BE SAD UPON SOMEONE'S HAPPINESS is the biggest selfish act i've ever experienced from someone. it was just totally unfair. and too dramatic.

i am not the type of sensitive-thingy one, but hey, it hurts enough, no im not hurt, im just pissed-off i guess, well everybody will, if someone judge our love based on materials.

and then i realized that, it was not love. maybe it was, for some time, but it no longer. so i shouldn't be pissed-off over it. because someone who love each other for the sake of Allah won't feel like that. i don't know. maybe i was wrong, but it was just too disturbing and i want to remove this uneasy feeling right away, and it will be this way, blogged about it. d:

i won't even care to bother anymore. because i did think of some solutions for it, and end up with nothing. coz i just couldn't go to sleep and wake up the next morning like nothing happen. like hey, do you think human feeling is a game station? say this and that, and then "ehhey,it's nothing"

well, ignorance is a bliss. i did my part, and it's time to move on. i have no time for selfish people. i've come to realize that maybe i only need to be close friend with those who need me in theirs even when i have nothing else to offer.

give more and expect less. because it's through GIVING we RECEIVE. think that people don't really care about you? obviously, that's because you are less in giving. how can you expect people to love you very much when you don't even love people wholeheartedly? now that's selfish! i think i did told you about this before. nak orang sayang kita, kita pon kena usaha la untuk sayang orang.

mama always told me, give the love to everyone, so that you'll gain more. not good in expressing love? well, there are thousand of ways in expressing love. not only by saying, but also by helping others, by smiling, and by appreciating what someone else do for you. and mama jugak la yg selalu pesan, if you want someone to love YOU, YOU start it first. sebab tu la mama, since i was young, showered me with love words, nak p sekolah, lepas salam n kiss akan cakap i love you, and before go to bed, and now even im in japan, separated like thousand miles from family, not even a single time mama ended the skype without sayng "I LOVE YOU". (':

now, let's reflect this to our self, how much you ever said 'i love you' to someone else that you even dare to act sooo selfish asking people to love you? well this applies to me too, of course.

so yeah, LOVE everyone like HOW YOU WANT TO BE LOVED.

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