Wednesday, November 27, 2013

the personality

salam wbt.

did a personality test last week and got the result which says i belong to ESTJs group.

and when i was reading about the descriptions of ESTJs, which is undeniably true, my eyes caught at this sentences and...

ESTJs are usually strong-willed and not afraid to voice and defend their opinions, even if they are facing a formidable opposition. If, for instance, one of their subordinates is incompetent or simply lazy, the ESTJ will not hesitate to show their wrath. ESTJ personalities will stick to their principles, even if everybody turns against them.


yes, i need to work harder on this. i mean, TO BE MORE PATIENT.
bukanla dengan orang bawahan ke apa, i mean towards people who are working with me, or living with me. i think, no, not think, i definitely know that i am being so harsh towards so many people. quite strict i guess.

exactly macam description tu, haritu sedap ja i pergi marah "labmate" i sorang yg duduk sebelah meja for being so lazy. meja bersepahhh sampai ke meja i dengan mugnya x basuh dengann ahhh stress. and we have like a typical women fight > x bercakap dekat sebulan, and sekarang i dah pindah ke meja lain sebab sensei suruh. great.

and i did another thing, pergi sound partner group sebab hantar task lambat and menyebabkan the whole group lambat hantar assigment.

phew. i just, i don't know. bukannya jenis yang panas baran pon, tapi jenis yang "kena cakap". "kena cakap" tu x terhad kepada teguran sahaja, but also untuk support and of course appreciation. bila orang perlukan support, suarakan sokongan kita, bila orang buat benda baik, or tolong kita, say thank you etc. and bila ada orang buat salah, kita tegur dgn teguran yg membina. and it is vice versa. you are free to advise me too when i did any mistake. macam mama selalu tegur i, even i am her daughter, and i dok komplen pasal someone being like this like that, bila mama nampak i yg salah, and she will advise me, xdak pon nak support jugak bila salah. and that is love. kalau sayang, bila nampak salah, kita tegur.

no, i x marah pon sampai tengking2 baling kerusi ke apa. it was just that, when i say something untuk bagi teguran, i said it clearly and directly. and maybe sebab tu la, i also did put a fight with so many people.

haih x faham. i suka settle benda at that point at that moment kalau x puas hati ke apa, x suka simpan2, and definitely x suka cakap kat belakang coz it won't gain any profit.

kalau orang mintak bagi pendapat dan pandangan pulak, i'll give it secara jujur dan sepenuh hati, walaupun maybe ada yg terasa hati. sebab kita x boleh puaskan hati semua pihak. and lagipun ianya hanya pandangan, nak reject pon silakan.

so, i mmg sgt confuse. like some people said that, kita kena bersabar, sabar banyak2. like heyyy, sabar is one part, tegur is also another part. kita mmg sabar, tapi kita tegur. kita tegur bukan bermaksud kita tak sabar. kita tegur for improvement. like seriously, i am not the type yang akan diammm je, pasraaaaah je bila nampak atau terjadi benda2 yg x betul. like heyy, kalau i x tegur you pasal you hantar task lambat tu, and you will thing it's okay to be late sebab ahli lain semua was like "aaa it's okay, it's okay", then lepas ni buat lagi. oh my God, i won't let that happen!

haih,  that is why i said, i need to be more patient and tolerable i guess. i seriously have to. sebab bila baca pasal different type of personalities, well there are also people who dont really care about time, about responsibility..each personality have their own cons and they didnt ask to be that way.
me didn't ask being me either. i wish i could become more loving and caring plus more friendly with others. tapi tulah, it's you for who you are. terima jelah.

so, yes. as a resolution for this, im going to apply as a volunteer for some charity event here and train myself to be more patient dealing with so many type of people out there. may Allah ease (':

i want to be ironwoman.

nah ni, sapa nak buat test. here's the link.


have fun to get to know yourself and others and make the world a better place to live!

good day everyone! (:

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Zinedine Zaiddin said...

Emm I think kalau sampai barang bersepah, mug x berbasuh sebulan...even ze most patient man on earth pun melenting.

Lagi marah kalau mug tu dah berbuih2 berulat =,=

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