Saturday, October 9, 2010

it's never too late..

Salam.hey..hye! today im going to talk about LIFE. yeah, life! my chemistry sensei always remind us about appreciating time..

'maaaa, hayaaaaii naa~jikan wa' waaah,cepatnya masa berlalu.. 'toshi o toru ni tsurete, jikan mo hayaku kanjiru'...makin bertambah umur, makin cepat rasa masa berlalu..'minasan mo itsu ka, obaachan okaachan ni natte, jibun de kanjiru yo~' kamu semua pun, satu hari nanti, jadi datuk n nenek, mesti rasa mcm tu jugak...

n he said that, x kisahlah umur bertambah pun, tapi the most important one the feeling of joy in our sensei is very inspiring...the most thing that made me impressed about him is the way he leads his life..

how? for example, he always made people smile..(: always made us smile (: one of the thing he loves to do is, pick up the rubbish n put it in the dustbin. coz he said that, when he did that, it was such a relief for him to see other people smile..n he want others to feel happy live in a clean n fresh environment.
simple action but very meaningful.

n so bcoz of that, i think about myself.. im 19 years old now. n i never taught about that before 'what is the relation between picking up rubbish, n the joy in our life?' so, i try that. since a couple of month ago, picking up rubbish whenever i saw it n i feel to do so. n yeah, it was such a nice feeling. x tipu, try it (:

n then, i realize that it's never too late to change our attitude.. if ur not a good person, u have to workhard. but if, yes u are already a good person, just think about 'how good u are?'..n get inspired with ur own sensei is not a Muslim..but, the way he thinks n all the good values are there, inside of him. but we, we as a Muslim, shouldn't were the one who act like that...

every day the class will start with praying(bacaan doa).. my sensei, will also raise his hand like us did when we pray.n one day he said that, he also pray for us..everyday n everytime...even, he is not a Muslim, but we are his student, n he always pray for our success..he always smile. n he never get mad.

ok..that's all for today...just remember that, its never too late to make a change in your life. dont' mind about your age, its the joy that matters (:

p/s :i like the japanese, the way they think, their work n all the good values. but, still,there's something empty.semoga Allah memberi hidayah utk mereka untuk mengenali Islam.

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