Monday, December 5, 2011

fashion talk! winter style! ^_^

salam. hye friends.

just wanna share my new interest in fashion. yup fashion.


now is winter. it is super cold.and i hate wearing layers of pants.
 so yeah, great initiative, wearing skirts! 

green army. color typical for winter.. dull and gloomy mood. you can see this kind of color almost everywhere in japan now.  but, i just love it.err,maybe for now. it's from zara. 

this is my favorite! also from zara.  

care much to look different? play with the colors! purple would be adorable (:

ouh i like this girl style! a blogger from somewhere in malaysia. very stylish. ouh, btw, she's a mommy with a baby boy (:

ouh ya, BUT, please remember to wear something good at Allah's eyes first before considering about other things such as fashion or how people look at you.. coz sometimes, people always wonder whether they look good at other people's eyes, forgetting about what Allah asked us to do. i used to be one them too T_T

and i used to be one of the fashion-freak before. used? err,maybe, still. but, yeah, im trying to improve it day by day. wondering whether Allah loves my outfit before wearing something everyday.ganbarimasu!  

coz He already said in holy Quran,

"And tell the believing woman to lower their gaze,and guard their modesty and not to display their adornment except that which appears ordinarily thereof, and to draw their veils over their neck and bosoms......" An-Noor 24:31

He created me. and i'm a slave of Him. so, it is a must for me, for you, and for every human beings to follow His order.
and i also realized that the worldy life is not everything. i want to enter the Jannah, and im very sure you too. everybody want to go to the Jannah and the life there is eternal. so yes, dont get tricked by the world. work hard and pray hard to be a good muslimah! (:

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