Thursday, October 13, 2011

fitrah should not go against us.......

is it strange?? 

haha. anybody who answer yes. not much to say, check iman i guess.. 

this is all fitrah. why we should do this, and should not do that, there's a reason behind all that!

sometimes people can easily get mad and become haters just because they can't accept the fact that they know IS TRUE! 

this is what we call human beings. me too. i used to be on that place. rebellious. never listen to what people said. instead, i gave them excuses! -.-' even i was not mad, i was just like trying to force myself no to trust, trying hard to ignore all the advise.

and the time came when i started to realize, why should i force myself too hard? why don't i try to understand? because this is fitrah. and fitrah should not go against us. 

and i was inspired by one of the sisters who said 'there will comes the time when you woke up every morning, took your bath, and when choosing your clothes, what to wear,you wonder 
"do i look good in Allah's eye?" 
"do Allah like if i wear this clothes?" ' (':

okay sgt terharu! how i wish i could be like her. okay, lets pray so that all of us will become a better person...insyaAllah (: