Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the trust

the trust.

this afternoon, when i was in a bus, i was browsing through the twitter and accidentally caught my eyes at my younger brother's tweet.

it's written "esok kena face to face dengan pengarah pulak dah".

being a concern yet busybody sister, i replied his tweet and asked what's wrong. and he replied with, "ada buat salah sikit". and i asked him back, "buat salah apa?" and he answered with, "mencuri".

that moment, i was like, mad? erm. not really. so many things just pop out in my mind, like, seriously you did that? i can't believe this. are you nuts? ? sort of the things that i thought.

but, i just took a moment and think back, if i were at his place what kind of response that i wanted to hear. then, i simply asked him, " curi apakah adikku?"

and he replied with, "curi hati". hahaha. he was joking. actually he got the offer letter from uitm for the second intake of law course (the course he desired much since high school), so he decided to go there, and has to settle few things as a procedure, that's why he has to meet the 'pengarah.' good for him. alhamdulillah. (:

but the thing i wanna share is about, the trust. if you were in my place,having your baby brother telling you he got caught for stealing,  how would you respond to that? suddenly, get mad, melenting baling2 kerusi? *emo* d: haha.

erm, it's hard to gain someone's trust right? even with your own family. but, i have a great experience of trusting and being trusted and since then, yes, i never ever doubt someone when i already made a decision to trust them.

when i was in high school, i involved in a big problem. yes, big one, that i even have to resign from being a school prefect. and first, when i got into the problem i called my dad, and explained to him what i did and what i didn't and clear the misunderstanding, and my daddy said, "i trust you, don't worry. i will always be there for you."

and after that, i called my mom, and explained the same thing and mama also replied the same, "mama percaya dekat fatin. fatin anak mama, mama happy sangat fatin berterus terang dekat mama".

i was really glad for having my parents with me. i had made a mistake. a mistake, but, it was just not more than that. there's a part where i have to take responsibility for, but it was not supposed to be more than what i have to face. well people, and their exaggeration. sigh~

no teachers believe in me, nobody was trying to get to know what was happening and nobody try to ask for explanation from me. some people even making jokes about it. it was a hard time, that i even asked my mom to transfer me to other school. but somehow, i managed to face it, alhamdulillah.

but, erm, yes, i have to say that i have such a wonderful parents that always trust me in whatever i say and whatever i do. alhamdulillah. you know, if my parents didn't trust me, accepted me with my mistake, and said that they will always be there for me, i will probably not be here, be who i am now.

and from the tragic incident, i believe that trust is the key for any relationship. how should i say this, i won't doubt people that i already decided to trust. and i will keep it that way until i die. i don't know how you feel about this, but accepting people who have made mistake, and giving your TRUST to them is super duper important for me.

i'll give you an example. imagine this, you went to your friend's house (your bestfriend, someone that you know for years and share everything with). you opened the door and saw a dead body and blood everywhere in the living room. and you walked inside the house and suddenly saw your friend in the kitchen, holding a knife with blood on it. your friend saw you, and suddenly cried. now, how would you respond to that?

are you going to run away? what if your friend cry and says, "let me explain this". are you still going to run away? push her away? or listen to what she is going to say? which one? if you were in her place, how would you like people to respond to you? you don't even know whether she kills the man or not, but are you just going to put the blame one her? even if she did, didn't she deserve to give explanation? or not? are you going to stay, and listen?

well, you know the answers best.

i didn't know why i suddenly wrote about this. but it was a very serious "thinking" time when i was in the bus on the way back home this evening. haha d:

well i hope one day, i will get married to the person that can give his full trust to me (vice versa, i'll do the same of course, insyaAllah). even if i make a mistake, will never ever doubt me, but asking me clearly, and giving me a chance to give explanation and asking for forgiveness. because trust is the key of relationship right. and humans aren't perfect. oh my god, this is seriously too emotional. i wanna cry. (':

if someone ask me to define LOVE. just like what mama said, i would just go with, "LOVE is TRUST". i love my parents, my pretty sister, and my two baby brothers very much! ^^

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