Saturday, September 17, 2011

girls day out!


can i just make this as a quick post?quick and simple one. coz i feel like writing. yes. when im having a problem, i feel like writing. ANYTHING. maybe this is one of the stress relieve method?

yesterday, hanging out with all my friends and lovely sisters. GIRLS DAY OUT to be specific. went to The Mall watching movies and done with 'some' shopping.

we watched 'spy kids' in 4D. but,there's no english version, and i was like haaa? seriously wanna see in japanese? wahahaha! but somehow its not that hard to understand in japanese. thought that i've been in japan for almost 6 months now.and it was SUPERB! the movie was superb! 

continue with some shopping, and went for a purikura. hey, did i ever mention before, that purikura is VERY FAMOUS in japan?

i love them. i feel like there's a sisters bond between us. the joy that i got when hanging with them yesterday, can't make it into words, but i feel like crying. such a happy moment. thank you girls! lets hang out again some other time ;D



p/s : its hard to make a decision rite? thought that im 20, it does not make me mature enough, does not even make me strong enough, to stay calm, throw away all the emotional feelings and be rational in making decision. im going to follow my heart and whatever it is, i seek for Allah's protection for everything that happen in my life. (':