Saturday, October 1, 2011


sambungan kisah summer holiday. meneruskan perjalanan ke harajuku. 

when we said harajuku, of course la equal to SHOPPING!!! 

okay la. for those who didn't know...harajuku is a world famous fashion street!a very large shopping area consist, i dont know the exact number of shops there, but i read in the magazine, it said that there's about 2++  boutiques here!!! branded or unbranded things is all here! 

hey shopping lovers, do come here baby!!!

so, its shopping time now!

err. selalu mmg ramai gini~ -.-' 

since now is early autumn. there's a big autumn/winter SALE!!!! 

SALEEEE!!! SALEEEE!!! yehhhaa!!*girls always gone crazy when they hear the word SALE! haha d:

i dont know what should i put and write in this post. but there's a request from my friend who want to know how the harajuku looks like. s0, i just took some pictures along the street and post it here okayh? it just a few actually.coz my legs was not in a good mood that time. i just managed to walk about 4 hours, then have a break at coffee shop, waiting for the girls who gone crazy shopping then d:

memperkenalkannnn kedai favourite kanak2 perempuan tajaan jpa ke jepun, forever21!!! hahahaha~  sampai dah jemu dah dgn kedai ni -.-'

kedai mahal ni. nak masuk takot. tangkap gambar dari luar je pastu lari laju2. -.-'


favourite coffee shop! TULLY's!!!

that's all sedikit sebanyak kedai yg ada kat sini. yup, mmg ada kedai branded yg mahal gila nak mati tapi ada jugak kedai yg murah gilaaaa. kalau nak shopping pon kena ada skill..hihihii~ 

you can get a long dress for only 300yen here, which is only equal to rm12. murah kann?? so, abaikan kedai2 mahall gila tu, kita menyelit masuk kedai2 comel lagi cute. sbb kedai branded selalunya barang import sbb tu la mahal, tapi kalau clothing which are made in japan or korea or china, usually murah je kat sini. 

owh ya! before balik, we did the purikura!! 

err. sorry for the super big eyes.someone said that it looks scary.can't help it. its purikura anywayy....d:

that's all. bye! 

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Nik Muhammad Faiz said...

amboi bnyk shopping nmpk..jauh shopping ..dri sendai tuu