Tuesday, September 9, 2014

fatihin in malaysia. and fatihin in japan.

salam wbt! hye! fatihin is back. it has been like months! oh my God, im such a bad blogger. -.-"

alhamdulillah. praise to God for still giving His blessings to let us live in this world. 
so how are you? me. i just came back from a short summer break in malaysia. and yes i am back in japan!.. and now, counting months to G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E from engineering school!!! insyaAllah. 

i realized something really interesting about my daily style when i was transferring all the pictures that i took during a month of my summer break in my hometown because yeah, because there aren't enough space (you know a girl who take like 200 shots a week, 32G of phone memory won't be enough obviously).

all the pictures of myself in malaysia is really bright and colorful. but, in japan, it's otherwise.. mostly i look like budak sekolah menengah duduk asrama, hujung minggu pon kena bangun awai pagi, x mandi terus pergi prep. serabut punya style -_-

fatihin in malaysia. 
you know i always dress up having a princess feeling before going out somewhere, even to kedai runcit just to buy my favorite tropicana ice cream. i love skirts, long skirt. mom said it looks good on me. ^^

fatihin's outfit in japan. 
this was during matsushima island visit. but basically this is the same outfit that i usually wear to laboratory. simple jeans + shirts + shawl. malas2 sangat, hari yang malas betul tu, i'll just go with uniqlo pants and cardigans. you dont wanna see me on my lazy day. trust me. so plain. =.=

perhaps the lab work has influenced me a lot on the way i dress up. you know, you can't wear your favorite wavy, flare chiffon skirt or styling your scarf loose messy "hana tajima" way when you have a big turbine machine in your laboratory that will evilly suck everything flowy and flare. i dont wanna die for being a hijabista. gituuu. haha. safety first girl! safety first! 

and in japan, i think there are not much colors of outfit to choose for. or, maybe the japanese don't really wear bright colors so the shops decided to cut all colors and sell only dull brown, black, blue and pastel color. haha. okay joking d: but seriously, it's really hard to find a shocking pink blouse or emerald green skirt like we used to see girls donning it everywhere in malaysia. 

and i once asked few of my japanese friends to describe malaysian in one word, and most of them said "COLORFUL". hahahaha. actually, on that day, i wore pink blouse with turquoise jacket, paired with jeans, shocking pink sneakers and flowery scarf XD  

okay that's all, short update. nothing interesting. i'll write again later. i love blogging. i really do. it just that, it's all about time you know. *alasan* haha. bye! good day everyone! ^^

p/s : was thinking to make a big transformation to this blog. new templates and writing topics perhaps? so it would be more organized. hahaha < kata xdak masa. takpa, angan2 ja dulu d:

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Zinedine Zaiddin said...

Jauh beza betul your outfit in Malaysia dengan Japan.