Wednesday, August 24, 2011

initial strap ^_^


look what i bought when i was in Tokyo last week. ouh yeah, this.

yes, this.

(sorry for the pinky look of my phone..muahahahaa~i just can't help myself)

tapi i xdelah i obsessed sgt kat pink sampai telur pon nak yg macam ni baru i makan -.-'

opss.sorry, out of topic ;D

i just love everything that use our own name to create something like necklace, bangle, key chain,etc... i used to have one,a keychain with my initial 'FIN' which is this

given by my friend on my birthday, but i lost it....huwwaaaaa!!!im soo sorryyyyy~

s0, when im wandering around tokyo ALONE(saje capslock, nak tunjuk kata independent d:) last week, i found this shop selling this kinda cute keychain. s0, i spend about 2 hours just to choose the strap, the color, and of coz the initials! hehe~

look! im going to make it more when im back to malaysia, bcoz here, it is very expensive!


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