Wednesday, August 31, 2011

eid mubarak 2011


first of all, selamat hari raya semua, maaf zahir dan batin..(:

not much story about my first syawal..i just went there, celebrating my raya at the embassy, and made myself busy doing this and that, chatting and taking pictures.
as usual, like what i did since last 3 years, i did post pictures of my family during raya. s0, here's one of the picture of my family raya 2011.. 

 im not in the picture but, satisfied enough to see their happy faces ;D

and here are some of the pictures at the embassy of malaysia and puan siti's house 

 me with iman's(puan siti's lovely daughter) toys..

at the embassy..


with them, sisters and friends! from sendai and other places (:

me, looking at the sky...^^

2011 will be such a memorable year for me.. being far away from family,celebrating raya with friends, a conflict about my own self.. and i realise that we are not kids anymore...time is moving and everybody is growing too! and the thing i learned the most is that being an adult is not easy....but everybody have to face it..yeeehhaaa!!apehal budak ni  d:

as a conclusion, i miss malaysia. and 
malaysia is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy better place to celebrate raya. trust me! (':


Hanis MY said...

tempat jatuh lagi ka dikenang eceh bermadah la pulak..jelesnya beraya di embassy dan rumah puan siti wuwuwu... besar eh rumah dia...

Syazwana Mohd Zulkifeli said...

hi perantau ank malaysia!!
singgah kt japan jap...huhu
nway,selamat hari raya sis:)

nick dot anis said...

Hai3 anis was here folo u…hit me back ya…salam perkenalan and selamat hari raya