Friday, August 12, 2011

summer break. start!!


YOSHH!!! exam dah habis!!

ehhh salah salah. exam sambung after summer break. still ada 5 paper to go.

okay fine! okay fineeeeeee!!!


lupakan jap. okay lupakan semua yg dah buat, n exam that im 'looking forward' sgt2 tu pon kita buat2 lupa sat.

its time to release all the pressure, and make some point for akhirat pulak . yess. selama start ramadhan ni asyik busy dgn studies ja, s0 lets make some time to seriously make full benefits of time in ramadhan. who knows if we still can meet or not next year (':

s0, im heading to tokyo tonight. ouh, not to tokyo...chiba to be specific. to gather with all the sisters and friends...we're sharing love because of Allah, and it just made me feel so warm to be with them. yes. with them (: usrah or sort of islamic things and everything is just very calm and peace. i mean, yeah it just goes well with the 'fitrah'...

like what my naqibah said, we need food for our physical, and we need education for our mind, s0 what about our heart? what should we feed our heart with?yes,darlings,we need to feed our heart with something like usrah.

and the environment plays the biggest role for influencing people. s0, be friend with all the friends that can help you to make way to the path of Allah...(:

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