Monday, January 3, 2011


exhausted. itu satu perkataan yg paling tepat untuk saya hari ini.

i can't sleep last night. n i totally ruined my first day 0f class.kept smiling. kept smiling for the whole day!!. (bagi senyuman palsu + bajet) uh! stop pretending girl! i slept around four last night, which was very bad. c0z i'm supposed to have ENOUGH sleep since i was like very hima(LOTS of leisure time) n have nothing to do overall.

n i tried my best to calm myself when i heard the rumors yesterday that my/our EJU results will be announced tomorrow(which means today!). n i had this feeling like ' a bee in my stomach'. yah, i know it supposed to be 'a butterfly in the stomach'. but, i prefer to use bee, cuz it was painful. n i was like, hey! what's wrong with you girl?!! huh!!

i HATE this feeling!!!

n this morning, i went straight to class without MY BREAKFAST!.went to the sensei's room, looking for my name, which class to i belong. after about few minutes. i don't know why. but, i couldn't find my name!!! n that was A LOT of pressure. since, i kept thinking about the EJU last night. n having nightmares about the elimination. n i was like
' omg! im not belong here anymore! i failed!' .

n i dash into sensei's room asking bout why my name was not on the board. n they was like, HAAAAAHHHH! >big shocked. panic. n they search my name in the computer. n ME, who was already in a not-so-good condition also make this kinda 'panic face'. one of the sensei trying to calm me by saying that 'it's okay.don't worry.calm down,fin.(in japanese)'. n when i got my class which is A3, the sensei follow me to the board n haaahhh, shame of me! my name was there!! sigh =_="

but, there was a simple error there. my name supposed to be the last one, bcoz im holding the AAJ's no 120. but, it was in the middle. (seee, not my false at all. uh! xnak mengku kesalahan jugak bdk fin ni!) =_="

after asking for forgiveness n so on. i just went to my class. im so sorry sensei. really really sorry for making this kinda 'early morning trouble'( is there such words??)
feeling very bad for myself )':

n i have this back pain since yesterday till now.(okay,20 years-old suffer a back pain?? now it sounds weird). i don't really know what the relation between back pain n my worries??n i also think im gonna have a fever soon. c0z my body feel like 'princess wanna be'. semua benda malas nak buat. usually it was not like this. not that im saying that i ni rajin, but, xde la pemalas sgt.

owh ya. about the EJU'S. rumors.hihi. shame me again. buat penat ja i panic2 bagai. haisyyy~ fin, u should learn to control the pressure after this.

okaylah, that's all for today. i think i need a cup of MCFLURRY. (i need to CAPSLOCK it, okay! *emo plak -_-) uh,ya ya,i know that i promise not to have it too much.but, it's not that much rite? bulan ni i x makan lagi rasanya :D

p/s : big applause for my lovely friend, Siti Zulaikha from Teknik Tuanku JAafar who managed to pass her exams with flying colours. n now counting days to fly to German this 6th of January. congratulation girls!!! s0rry, x dapat nak hantar...i miss you. do take care of your self keyh! BE NICE there. (: n pray for my turns too.. bye2!!

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