Monday, October 17, 2011

learning through song.much fun rite?


ekk...anybody remember yesterday's post? i did post about the meaning of  surah al fatihah.the main surah in holy quran...

and i browsed through all the blog that i followed just now and look!i found this!

credit to encik mimpi.thank you! ^^v

great! sometimes, the coincidence is just too great! okay girls and guys, you can try memorizing through song.

owh ya, btw... its for memorizing. not to sing during prayers.don't get it wrong...hihi~


p/s : i know i did promised to post about other translation. but wait,wait... im having a busy week this week --' 


Juey Ha said...

great :)

-kura- said...

background ni lagu apa? macam pernah dengar...