Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my memorable weekend!


and hye!

do you realize the time when your life are getting busy,busy busy? i realized it by looking at my own room. books and papers are everywhere!

okay, this is what we call student life. and i just started my second semester for 2 weeks.not much to talk about my new sem. same friend,new teachers. and i got a lot of new classmates since i 'takumi' much to suit my schedule well. (takumi-jump to another person classes)

err. yes. im suppose to talk about my weekend which happened to be '3renkyuu'. weekend plus monday(public holiday!) i got a called from the JPA for this 'program pembangunan pelajar' about a month before.

feelings? not very clear. but before meeting them, i was like super duper excited to meet all friends!

and now, yeah! im glad that the JPA organised such program. i know it, i love this kind of program. i love being surrounded by friends. (':

here's the video about the program.

location : yakehashiri international exchange village, iwate 

and i met aween too!! muah2!!

the girls! 

with duta besar malaysia ke jepun

majlis penutup. great enough? find me! d:

them. im gonna miss you all! thank for the memories!!! <3

err. owh ya... thank you for all the co-operations, and sorry for any mistakes. im not a good leader, and im not sure if i could ever be one, but i'll try my best when it comes to responsibility... thank you for trusting me. thank you jpa, thank you puan siti, encik annizam, kak su, encik zul, kelvin, amuri, and all friends! 

may we meet again another time! insyaAllah (:


Lily_Omar said...

wah, dak jepun...

city_zooliecar said...

be$ttttt... mau jugakkkkk...

syafa mohamed said...

tetiba tgk video tue syafa rasa sedih;')