Sunday, October 23, 2011

spread the kindness.. (':


yayyy! jazakillah khair,minna! thank you for all the support,kind words and warm feeling that i got from you. yes you. tears (': 

i dont know how to make it into words. but i really appreciate all the kindness that you, all of you gave to me. 

and now its my responsibility, to spread the kindness back to the others... (:

talking about kindness. do you know how easy for us to gain 'pahala' in our everyday life?

but first of all, lets remind ourselves about all the 'nikmat' and loves from Allah...

look at all what Allah gives us!

Allah loves us,darlings! 

"....He is the One who is the Most-Forgiving, the Very-Merciful" 39:53 

now, why dont we show that we love Him too?... 

pray, fasting, reciting quran, strengthen the ukhuwah, do charity, say kind words, make good deeds .. be kind to other people..and


you know what's the greatest thing about islam? 

Islam connecting people!. people who we dont even know, or dont even met before,suddenly could become our bestfriend, and help us with the problems. Islam teaches us to spread and feel the love between each other under the same roof as a muslim. the bond of the brothers and sisters in muslim. 

wow! dont you think that was amazing? woww! double wow! (':

i love my family, i love my friend, i love all the sisters, and i love you all because of Allah.

may Allah bless all of us.

thank you! <3